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Public calendar

The public calendar provides an overview of all experiments and their sessions. The information about a session includes the public name of the experiment (this information can be hidden if need be, see section Creating an experiment and section General settings), the time, date and location of the session, and the status of the session. The latter is denoted as free places if the registration time has not expired yet and there are free places left, and as full otherwise. That means that sessions which are not yet full but for which the registration period has expired are marked as full in the participant's view even though they may not be full yet.

In the calendar, sessions are presented with different background colors for each experiment. This makes it easier for subjects to separate the experiments, since every participant is only allowed to register for one session of an experiment. However, you might may to present all experiments in the same color (probably in conjunction with hiding the experiment name). Then, simply define just one color in the color list for the public calendar (see section Colors). The public calendar can be also completely switched off in Options/General Settings (see General settings).

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