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Monitoring the enrolment process

There are different ways to monitor the enrollment for your experiment sessions.

  • The experiment listings page (Experiments/Overview or Experiments/My Experiments) contain quick access information and links for live sessions.
  • The session section of an experiment main page lists enrollment statistics session by session.
  • The calendar (see also Calendar) shows all current sessions and events, along with their enrollment statistics.
  • When the enrollment period elapsed, the experimenter will receive an email informing her about the number of enrolled participants. The email has a PDF document attached with a list of the session's enrolled participants.

The “enrollment statistics” are given as three numbers in the format X (Y,Z). The first number X shows the number of subjects enrolled for the session. In the parentheses, the first number Y is the required number of participants for the experiment itself, and the second number Z is the required number of reserve participants. The “enrollment statistics” (or the “Signed-up subjects” text next to it, if displayed) are directly linked to the list of the participants for a session.

In the participant section of the experiment main page, you find similar statistics at the experiment level. Clicking on Assigned / invited subjects: in the participant section of the experiment main page will return a list of those assigned (invited) subjects who have not yet registered for a session. (Which participant information is included in these lists can be configured in Options/Query result lists.) You can manually enroll some or all subjects in the list for a particular session. To do so, select the subjects (you can also use the Check all/Uncheck all buttons) and choose the respective session at the bottom of the list. By clicking on the Change button you (try to) manually enroll the selected subjects for the selected session. However, before applying the enrollment, a check is performed on whether the total number of participants in a session (including your newly enrolled subjects) exceeds the session capacity (participants needed + reserve) or not. If yes, an error message will appear, and you will have to deselect some of the selected subjects in order to enroll the others. However, to allow for flexibility, you can overrule the check by deselecting the small checkbox at the bottom of the table (the one denoted Check for free places in session). The subjects enrolled through this procedure will be removed from the list (they will now be included in the lists of Signed-up subjects).

Signed-up subjects: and participation state lists: The participant lists that will include all enrolled participants in all sessions of the experiment (with the respective participation state, see also below in Completing and closing a session). They will have the same format as the Signed-up subjects lists at the session level (see above). You can move subjects between sessions within the same experiment by changing the session field and clicking on the change button at the bottom of the list. To un-enrol a participant from the session (e.g. if the participant canceled) just change the session field to No Session.

On all participant lists, you can download the list as a PDF file or as a CSV file by clicking on PDF or CSV on the top right of the list. (Which participant information is included in the PDF/CSV lists can be configured in Options/Query result lists.)

A session reminder email is sent to all enrolled subjects at the time specified on the session properties page (see above in section Creating sessions). If the session reminder email is not sent due an insufficient number of participants, you can send the reminder manually using the button below the session participant list.

The same page (session participant list) also allows you to send an email to all participants listed. This provides an easy way to cancel a session. First, send a bulk email to the enrolled participants informing them about the session cancellation, then set their participation status to Not set (to “throw them back into the pool”) or, alternatively, to a custom participation status like “Cancelled-Researcher”.

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