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Log files

In ORSEE, almost all actions by subjects, experimenters and the system are logged to the database. This provides means to retrace changes in the database.

In the Statistics section accessible from the navigation menu you may browse these log files. Actions are sorted descending by time, and long log tables are spread out over a number of pages. Each log table entry includes the time of the action, the participant/experimenter who executed the action, the name of the action and if available, the target of the action. By clicking on a 'Restrict' link next to a person, action name, or target name, you can restrict the view of the log file to entries for that particular action, participant/experimenter, or target, respectively.

A select field and a button on the top right of each log file page allows you to delete entries older than a specified time. You should use this from time to time for experimenter actions and regular tasks to reduce the database size. However, please note that the system statistics described in section Statistics draw their data from the Participant actions log file.

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