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This module provides a tool to share your knowledge, documents, and data with other experimenters at your institution. After recent data-fabrication cases in social psychology and a wide discussion about data fabrication, data selection, and partial reporting issues in experimental communities both in psychology and in economics, some laboratories now require researchers to upload their raw data files to a data repository immediately after each session. This feature accommodates such policies.

There are two places where files can be uploaded. For general files (not related to any experiment) choose the Files link from the navigation menu, and click on Upload general file. There you can choose a category for the file and a name, and select the file to be uploaded.

For experiment-related files go to the respective experiment main page. In the top section there is a button Upload file. A click on this will return the upload form. In addition to the settings described above you can also choose the experiment session to which the file applies.

A particular strength of the file management in ORSEE lies in the detailed and flexible user privilege setup. In Options/Admin types, you can separately restrict the functions of uploading a file, seeing a list of files, downloaded a file, deleting a file to either only the own experiments (where the user is named as an experimenter), or allow access to all experiments or to general files as well. As an example, you could allow regular experimenters to upload files for their experiments and to see and download them, but restrict them from deleting their files and uploading/seeing/downloading files related to other experiments than their own, while an administrator would have access to all files.

You can add/edit file categories in Options/File upload categories. The file size is restricted by the lower of 1) the limit set in your server and/or PHP configuration, and 2) the limit set in Options/General settings).

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