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Default and saved queries

The query tool to search for participants and to assign participants to experiments is described in detail in sections Searching participants and Assigning participants. ORSEE allows you to set default queries (that will be loaded onto a search form when no search has been conducted yet in the current session (otherwise the last search is loaded).

You can create default queries for search for active participants, search within all participants, assigning participants to experiments, and deassigning participants from experiments. When you click on the respective link, you will be taken to a query tool search form exactly as the ones used for the actual searches. You can edit the form, and a click on Save query will save the default search.

ORSEE allows you to save a search query after you have run it. The options Saved queries for searches within active participants and Saved queries for searches within all participants will display the list of saved queries for the respective search options, and you can delete saved queries that are not needed anymore.

Note: Queries for assignment of participants to experiments are automatically saved and cannot be deleted. They can be viewed in the ORSEE recruitment report.

Query result lists

The custom participant profile fields defined in Options/Participant profile form as well as many other participant profile properties are included in many reports, lists, and tables within the recruitment system. In Options/Query result lists you can define exactly which columns should be included in the tables, and also the default search order for the rows in these tables. The specific tables are:

  • search results table for active participants
  • search results table for all participants
  • results table after assign/deassign query
  • results table for unconfirmed participant profiles
  • results table for profile duplicates search
  • list of participants assigned to an experiment
  • list of participants enroled for a session
  • PDF-list of participants enroled for a session

In addition, if the email module is enabled, you can also configure which profile fields should be included when showing a participant name.

The format for all configuration options is the same. The page will display a list of the currently included columns. The column listed first will be the left-most column of the table, the column listed last will be the right-most column of the table.

In addition, for most columns (other than those that contain checkboxes or edit links) you can specify ORSEE admin types (e.g. experimenter, visitor) for which the values in this column should be hidden. When users with these types look at a particular list, they will only see a place holder instead of the data (the placeholder to be used is defined as a language term hidden_data_symbol).

Moving the mouse over the Add button will allow you to add further columns to the list. Clicking the little red deletion icon on the right of a list entry will remove this column from the list. You can move the columns up and down with the little row handles on the left of each row. For some option pages, you are also able to select one of the columns as the default sort order of the respective table. A click on Save order will save the current setup: which columns are in the table, in which order, and the default sort (if applicable).

For some tables, there are a number of columns that must be included in the table, so they do not have the deletion-icons. However, they can also be moved around.

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