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The My profile section on the options page consists of three parts.


Here every user of the administration area can edit her own settings. First and last name, e-mail-address, the system language and e-mail address can be changed. The user can opt-in to receive the current experiment calendar and subject pool statistics whenever they are sent out.

If the ORSEE calendar export is enabled, the page will also display the links that can be used to import the user's or the whole internal calendar into an external calendar application like Outlook or Google Calendar.

Change my password

The user can change her password by supplying the old password (this protects the password to be change by somebody who found an open browser window with an active session), and entering the new password twice. The password strength conditions defined by the regular expression in Options/General settings will apply here.

The password will be immediately encrypted when arriving at the server and is stored in this encrypted form in the database.

Show my rights

This page will display all user privileges that are enabled for the current user's administrator type.

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