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Editing participant profiles

By following this Edit link on any list of participants you can edit the participant's profile.

The form shown on the left side is the same as the form which participants fill in when they sign up for the database (see Subject pool registration). Details about the administration form on the right side can be found in section Adding new participants.

You can use the participant status field to change the participant's status, for example to unsubscribe the participant from the database. (It's good practice to provide the reasons for unsubscribing in the (non-public) 'remarks' field of the profile.)

If applicable, you will see some more information about the participant below the participant form. There is a table with the complete experiment participation history for the participant, including enrollments in current experiments. If the email module is enabled (see Email module) and there has been some email communication with this participant in the past, then a list of these emails will also be shown here (and emails can be opened and answered).

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