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Adding new participants

When you choose Add participant on the participant overview page or Create new in the participant section of the navigation bar, you are directed to an empty participant profile form which allows you to add a participant profile.

The form you see on the left side is the same as the form which participants fill in when they sign up for the database (see Subject pool registration). The system will conduct the same form field and consistency checks as for the participant registration form. The participant has to be subscribed to at least one experiment type.

The right side of the form offers some options only available to administrators. The standard fields are:

  • Subpool: When you change the Subpool of a subject and click Add/Change, then the sub-subjectpool of the person will be set and the form on the left side will be adapted to the respective sub-subjectpool.
  • Id: This displays the subject's Id in ORSEE's participants table, as well, in parentheses, the encrypted Id, which is used as an URL-token when the subject authentication method of this ORSEE system is set to “URL-token” (as opposed to username/password).
  • Rules signed?: This field will only be shown if the rules module is enabled in Options/General settings. The idea behind this is a lab policy that requires subjects to personally sign a copy of the laboratory rules, and to track these signatures here (and in participants list).
  • Internal notes: This field allows you to add any internal comments/notes about the participant. The field will also be used by some automated processes to add a note that the process has been carried out for this profile.
  • Sign up subject for session: This allows you to directly enroll the participant for a current experiment session. Simply check the box and choose the session. The enrollment will be confirmed when successful.

Similar to the configuration option for participant profile fields (shown on the left side), you can also add custom admin fields on the right side of this form (see the documentation on Participant profile form and Participant profile template).

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